Rise above the Ashes 9/11 prayer : Thank You God I am Grateful

Rise above the Ashes 9/11 prayer

by Toni Garbo on 09/10/11

      Ten years ago today millions of people started their day like any other day.  What looked like a beautiful day turned out to be one of the most tragic days in the history of the United States.  The face of hate rose with the black smoke and flames coming from the twin towers.  And while that hate caused so much pain and sorrow for so many and a lasting sorrow that some will live with all their days -- Love rose out of the ashes.  Love from people helping people, rescuing others, comforting others.  No matter what color, faith or orientation -- Love rose.   Thank You God I Am Grateful   


    I pray that all of us remember the love that we had for one another and do our best to practice that love.  Let us all continue to raise the spirit of love for one another regardless of color, faith or orientation.  . 

     As I look at my wrist and read the words Thank You God I Am Grateful  -- I am reminded on why I created this wristband, it's to remember to find the good, see the light, and not to dwell in the ashes. 

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