Thank You God I am Grateful

Thank You God I am Grateful

Thank You God I Am Grateful / Making someone's day will make your own!

by Toni Garbo on 07/21/16

     The Republican National Convention is being held in my hometown.  It's an exciting time for the city but also a time of great caution and concern.  The goal is safety for all people and groups.  To help the news department where I work as a Community Relations Specialist, I had the opportunity to drive a shuttle for my staff and various teams for our parent company working inside the arena for the RNC.  

     Covering three conventions as a journalist in the past, I knew I would be encountering many law enforcement officers at the many check points.  
     After the tragic killing of random police officers in recent days, I wanted to make sure I told as many as I could, "thank you for your service and protection".  Then I thought I would give those that I could one of the "Thank You God I Am Grateful" bracelets.  I decided to write little hand written notes over the weekend to attach to the wristbands with a special thank you.  
     This wasn't anything special.  It isn't anything grand.  It's just a grateful person speaking to those I am grateful for ...
     The first night I had my wristbands in a bag in my shuttle van, but I was a bit shy to get started.  Then I thought ... especially at a time of fear and concern, I want them to know I'm grateful to God for their service.  
     Once I started greeting and talking to the individuals from various branches of law enforcement ... many would take a second and read the little note attached to the wristband.  I could see the moment it made a difference in many of their eyes.  
     After a couple of days of reaching out, I could see some of them upon my return trips to the various check points wearing the wristband.  It touched my heart.  I am grateful to God for them and they are grateful to God for their own safety.  
     I worked midnight until noon and tonight one of the secret service agents that I have seen for the last three days came over to me at the check point to say hi.  (he was the first one who received a bracelet)  I asked him how his team is holding up, due to the very long days... I told him it was a joy to come through his check point and to see his group everyday.  ( they were so nice to me )  He said,  "You made our day as well everyday"  Making someone's day makes your own!  My heart smiled and is still smiling.  We can all make a difference one day at a time no matter where we are. 


Thank You God I Am Grateful for my couch !!

by Toni Garbo on 12/12/13

  Couch really?  Yes, couch.  I have been lucky in life.  I have always had a warm home to live in.  I have a comfortable place to come home to. 
     Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a woman from Haiti who was visiting people here in the states.  She has an orphanage in Haiti with over 40 children.  She survived the earthquake, but had to rebuild her home. 
     When we were talking I asked her about her home, it seemed very small.  She talked about a long narrow room which seemed like her living room.  I said to her, "Is that where you keep your couch?"  She then said, "Oh, I don't have a couch."  "Most people in Haiti do not have couches unless you are very wealthy."  I learned that most people have simple lawn chairs as furniture.  A couch would certainly be a luxury. 
     A simple couch ... I'm certain that if you are able to read this post you have a couch.  Did you ever really think about your couch as a luxury?  I enjoy coming home after a long day at work and relaxing on my couch.  It's a place where I can just release my stress and focus on something else other than the work of the day.  It's a comfort zone.  It's a place where I can fall asleep.  Now when I come home and relax on my couch, I have a real appreciation of the comfort and gift that I have ...
     So many of us, including myself, have dreams of winning the lottery.  So many of us, including myself already have. 
     Funds from the sale of Thank You God I Am Grateful bracelets were giving to this person to help her with her needs. 


Miracle on the cover of GQ magazine.

by Toni Garbo on 08/15/12

It's a miracle.  Yes, for me it's a miracle.  My simple "Thank You God I Am Grateful" bracelet is on the cover of GQ magazine on the wrist of Tim Tebow.  My simple bracelet that I package in my living room is on the cover of one of the most popular magazines for men.  This little God reminder has been a lovely little ministry for me.  People write to me all the time on what it means to them to wear the bracelet and how it has helped them see life differently.  When I created the bracelet, I really just made it for me and my friends / family.  Once the Ohio State Buckeyes started to wear them in 2008, I couldn't give them to the world so I created  I am amazed on when and where I may see one show up.  My own daily trail has many people wearing them.  I carry them with me always, and I'm always passing them out to people at the grocery store, bank, gas station, work, etc... but to see it on the cover of a magazine -- has me still in a daze. What a surprise I received today.   To God, I say Thank You for keeping this little ministry alive --  never doubt the things that God can do for you -- who knows what surprise may be in store for "YOU" tomorrow. 

Are you God?

by Toni Garbo on 12/26/11

     This is a story that was shared with me and it has a great message for all of us.    

     There was a grandmother shopping at the American Girl Store when she noticed a young girl looking at the dolls.  The girl was dressed in worn out clothes, her hair was tangled, and she appeared to be in need.  The grandmother asked the little girl, "Is your mother around?"  The little girl answered, "Yes, she is slepping in the car." The grandmother said, "Why is she sleeping in the car?"  The little girl replied, "That's where we live. Since she was sleeping I came in here to look at the dolls."  The grandmother then asked the little girl, "Would you like one of these dolls?"  The little girl couldn't believe what she was hearing,  She said, "Oh yes, I would love one of these dolls."  So the grandmother told the young girl to pick one out and together the two of them walked to the cash register.  As the grandmother was paying for the doll, the little girl looked up to her and asked, "Are you God?"   The grandmother was so moved at what she just heard, she looked at the little girl with a smile and tears in her eyes and said,  "No honey, I am not God, but I want to be like God and help others." 

     Thank You God I Am Grateful for this story because it has touched my heart so much.  I do not know if it is true or not, but I'm sure there is truth in it as so many people help others in so many ways.  The spirit of God dwells within each and everyone of us.  As I heard this story, I thought to myself, do I bring out the spirit of God within me to touch others' lives as much as I can?  Do I help to heal, to give, to love?  Would a young child ask me?  "Are you God?"   



The gift of a good night's sleep

by Toni Garbo on 11/08/11

     Everyday we go to sleep, and for those who are lucky to have a place to call home and a bed of our own -- it's a treasured spot. But, on most days we never even think twice about it.  Our beds.  The place we can rest that is ours.  When you travel a lot, do you ever get that feeling that you can't wait to get into your own bed?  I'm thinking about my good night's sleep that I'm about to take and I'm remembering to say Thank You God I Am Grateful.  Today, I was reminded how wonderful it is to have that safe and comfortable place that is mine. 
    A friend of mine was sent out of town on business.  After a very long exhausting day, she got to her hotel and it wasn't like the usual hotels her company reserves for her.  The hotel lobby was old and dirty and when she got to her room it wasn't much better.  Exhausted she wanted to cry and thought about sleeping in her car, but instead she called her employer to see if she could go to another hotel.  Her employer agreed and off she went.  At first she didn't want to call because she didn't want to seem ungrateful, but the condition of the hotel and the threat of bed bugs these days provoked her to leave that location. 
     When she finally arrived at the new hotel it was clean and she felt safe.  She walked into the room and wanted to cry, this time the tears were tears of joy.  It was clean and she knew she could relax here.  But one thing she knew,  there was no place like home and the comfort and security of her own bed. 
     Not everyone is as lucky as most of us who are probably reading this.  For some that dirty hotel room would be a gift.  For others, including myself, it would be difficult to sleep there. 
     It may sound silly but I'm remembering tonight not to take my comfortable, safe and secure bed for granted. Think about it.  For most of us, we love our own beds.   So when you get under the covers in your own bed tonight, give a little shout out to God and say "Thank You God I Am Grateful" .

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