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Are you God?

by Toni Garbo on 12/26/11

     This is a story that was shared with me and it has a great message for all of us.    

     There was a grandmother shopping at the American Girl Store when she noticed a young girl looking at the dolls.  The girl was dressed in worn out clothes, her hair was tangled, and she appeared to be in need.  The grandmother asked the little girl, "Is your mother around?"  The little girl answered, "Yes, she is slepping in the car." The grandmother said, "Why is she sleeping in the car?"  The little girl replied, "That's where we live. Since she was sleeping I came in here to look at the dolls."  The grandmother then asked the little girl, "Would you like one of these dolls?"  The little girl couldn't believe what she was hearing,  She said, "Oh yes, I would love one of these dolls."  So the grandmother told the young girl to pick one out and together the two of them walked to the cash register.  As the grandmother was paying for the doll, the little girl looked up to her and asked, "Are you God?"   The grandmother was so moved at what she just heard, she looked at the little girl with a smile and tears in her eyes and said,  "No honey, I am not God, but I want to be like God and help others." 

     Thank You God I Am Grateful for this story because it has touched my heart so much.  I do not know if it is true or not, but I'm sure there is truth in it as so many people help others in so many ways.  The spirit of God dwells within each and everyone of us.  As I heard this story, I thought to myself, do I bring out the spirit of God within me to touch others' lives as much as I can?  Do I help to heal, to give, to love?  Would a young child ask me?  "Are you God?"   



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