Irish Festival Shoutout : Thank You God I am Grateful

Irish Festival Shoutout

by Toni Garbo on 07/30/10

     Received a special shoutout on Sunday while attending the Irish Festival in Berea, Ohio.  A favorite performer of the festival and someone I think has an amazing talent was getting ready to perform.  Back stage, I gave Eileen Ivers some of my wristbands to thank her for always coming to the festival and for sharing her energy and talent with us along with her band.

     When she arrived on stage, I noticed she was wearing the bracelet already and so were members of her band.  At the end of her concert, she said she wanted to thank Cleveland for such a warm welcome everytime she comes here and then she said, "Toni, gave us these great bands that say "Thank You God I Am Grateful' and that's exactly how we feel every time we get on stage and come here.  Thank you Eileen for the shoutout.   

To find out more about Elieen Ivers check out her website.

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