Miracle on the cover of GQ magazine. : Thank You God I am Grateful

Miracle on the cover of GQ magazine.

by Toni Garbo on 08/15/12

It's a miracle.  Yes, for me it's a miracle.  My simple "Thank You God I Am Grateful" bracelet is on the cover of GQ magazine on the wrist of Tim Tebow.  My simple bracelet that I package in my living room is on the cover of one of the most popular magazines for men.  This little God reminder has been a lovely little ministry for me.  People write to me all the time on what it means to them to wear the bracelet and how it has helped them see life differently.  When I created the bracelet, I really just made it for me and my friends / family.  Once the Ohio State Buckeyes started to wear them in 2008, I couldn't give them to the world so I created www.thankyoubracelets.com.  I am amazed on when and where I may see one show up.  My own daily trail has many people wearing them.  I carry them with me always, and I'm always passing them out to people at the grocery store, bank, gas station, work, etc... but to see it on the cover of a magazine -- has me still in a daze. What a surprise I received today.   To God, I say Thank You for keeping this little ministry alive --  never doubt the things that God can do for you -- who knows what surprise may be in store for "YOU" tomorrow. 

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