Thank You God I Am Grateful for my couch !! : Thank You God I am Grateful

Thank You God I Am Grateful for my couch !!

by Toni Garbo on 12/12/13

  Couch really?  Yes, couch.  I have been lucky in life.  I have always had a warm home to live in.  I have a comfortable place to come home to. 
     Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a woman from Haiti who was visiting people here in the states.  She has an orphanage in Haiti with over 40 children.  She survived the earthquake, but had to rebuild her home. 
     When we were talking I asked her about her home, it seemed very small.  She talked about a long narrow room which seemed like her living room.  I said to her, "Is that where you keep your couch?"  She then said, "Oh, I don't have a couch."  "Most people in Haiti do not have couches unless you are very wealthy."  I learned that most people have simple lawn chairs as furniture.  A couch would certainly be a luxury. 
     A simple couch ... I'm certain that if you are able to read this post you have a couch.  Did you ever really think about your couch as a luxury?  I enjoy coming home after a long day at work and relaxing on my couch.  It's a place where I can just release my stress and focus on something else other than the work of the day.  It's a comfort zone.  It's a place where I can fall asleep.  Now when I come home and relax on my couch, I have a real appreciation of the comfort and gift that I have ...
     So many of us, including myself, have dreams of winning the lottery.  So many of us, including myself already have. 
     Funds from the sale of Thank You God I Am Grateful bracelets were giving to this person to help her with her needs. 


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