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Thank You God I Am Grateful / Making someone's day will make your own!

by Toni Garbo on 07/21/16

     The Republican National Convention is being held in my hometown.  It's an exciting time for the city but also a time of great caution and concern.  The goal is safety for all people and groups.  To help the news department where I work as a Community Relations Specialist, I had the opportunity to drive a shuttle for my staff and various teams for our parent company working inside the arena for the RNC.  

     Covering three conventions as a journalist in the past, I knew I would be encountering many law enforcement officers at the many check points.  
     After the tragic killing of random police officers in recent days, I wanted to make sure I told as many as I could, "thank you for your service and protection".  Then I thought I would give those that I could one of the "Thank You God I Am Grateful" bracelets.  I decided to write little hand written notes over the weekend to attach to the wristbands with a special thank you.  
     This wasn't anything special.  It isn't anything grand.  It's just a grateful person speaking to those I am grateful for ...
     The first night I had my wristbands in a bag in my shuttle van, but I was a bit shy to get started.  Then I thought ... especially at a time of fear and concern, I want them to know I'm grateful to God for their service.  
     Once I started greeting and talking to the individuals from various branches of law enforcement ... many would take a second and read the little note attached to the wristband.  I could see the moment it made a difference in many of their eyes.  
     After a couple of days of reaching out, I could see some of them upon my return trips to the various check points wearing the wristband.  It touched my heart.  I am grateful to God for them and they are grateful to God for their own safety.  
     I worked midnight until noon and tonight one of the secret service agents that I have seen for the last three days came over to me at the check point to say hi.  (he was the first one who received a bracelet)  I asked him how his team is holding up, due to the very long days... I told him it was a joy to come through his check point and to see his group everyday.  ( they were so nice to me )  He said,  "You made our day as well everyday"  Making someone's day makes your own!  My heart smiled and is still smiling.  We can all make a difference one day at a time no matter where we are. 


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