The gift of a good night's sleep : Thank You God I am Grateful

The gift of a good night's sleep

by Toni Garbo on 11/08/11

     Everyday we go to sleep, and for those who are lucky to have a place to call home and a bed of our own -- it's a treasured spot. But, on most days we never even think twice about it.  Our beds.  The place we can rest that is ours.  When you travel a lot, do you ever get that feeling that you can't wait to get into your own bed?  I'm thinking about my good night's sleep that I'm about to take and I'm remembering to say Thank You God I Am Grateful.  Today, I was reminded how wonderful it is to have that safe and comfortable place that is mine. 
    A friend of mine was sent out of town on business.  After a very long exhausting day, she got to her hotel and it wasn't like the usual hotels her company reserves for her.  The hotel lobby was old and dirty and when she got to her room it wasn't much better.  Exhausted she wanted to cry and thought about sleeping in her car, but instead she called her employer to see if she could go to another hotel.  Her employer agreed and off she went.  At first she didn't want to call because she didn't want to seem ungrateful, but the condition of the hotel and the threat of bed bugs these days provoked her to leave that location. 
     When she finally arrived at the new hotel it was clean and she felt safe.  She walked into the room and wanted to cry, this time the tears were tears of joy.  It was clean and she knew she could relax here.  But one thing she knew,  there was no place like home and the comfort and security of her own bed. 
     Not everyone is as lucky as most of us who are probably reading this.  For some that dirty hotel room would be a gift.  For others, including myself, it would be difficult to sleep there. 
     It may sound silly but I'm remembering tonight not to take my comfortable, safe and secure bed for granted. Think about it.  For most of us, we love our own beds.   So when you get under the covers in your own bed tonight, give a little shout out to God and say "Thank You God I Am Grateful" .

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